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Vladimir Sidorov's comments to project LA LUNE BLANCHE


French poet Jean-Michel Bartnicki became the initiator of the project. He is the school teacher from the north France. One day he has heard Kristina Vikhrovaа onа the musical site. He spoke: " Kristina is the angel who was gone down from heavens Е". He sent me lyrics Pour AnneФ , and I have written music. Kristina sang this song.а Then we began to receive a tens messages with good words about this song daily. Thank Jean - Michel for a song " Pour Anne "! He is surprisingly talented, kind, emotional artist and the person. He has written very beautiful verses to the daughter! By the way, he is the descendant of the Russian composer of Dmitriy Bortnyanskiy. Due to Jean - Michel and this song we had got an acquaintanceа with Bernard Pialat. The composer, the poet and guitarist Bernard Pialat began one of co-authors of an album.

The album consists from different songs. But the general colour of the project is a new romantic style. This style is closest to Kristina. Authors feel it and take into account. Some words about the main participant of the project. Kristina Vikhrova is not only the singer, but also an actress, the poet, the author of lyrics for songs. She is the student andа the young teacher of faculty " Musical art of a platform " of Magnitogorsk conservatory. Kristina has versatile abilities and is the unique creative person. Without exaggeration, today she is the symbol of young, talented Russia for many people in all parts of globe. But Kristina remains the modest and self-critical person.

Song "L'epuisette" has interesting destiny too. Bernard Pialat and Jean-Michel Bartniki wroteа this song some years back. But a popular song becameа after performance by Kristina only. Jean - Michel has devoted to this song special site with details of life of authors, with photos, comments and the reporting of presentation on the Belgian radio.

Due to the project some my Russian songs have received the second life and... the second citizenship. So a song You leave (" TU T'EN VAS ") had such words: " It Was - for a long time... Snow has thawn and has turned to water. But I shall remember you always. " But the French have not understood about snow. They have not such artistic image. It was necessary to replace snow with a tree with fallen leaves or something in this sort. For the same reason we have not included a song Bitterly! in our album. Anybody, except for Russian, not understand the symbolics of this wedding toast.

It Is possible to tell, that the huge virtual studio worked during some months. We sent each other copies, sketches, job lots. It was necessary to change, to add and even to throw out. But ideas were born and embodied very quickly. And when all tracks was ready, I have written a song which has united a cycle and have given the project the name. This song became La lune blanche on lyrics by Poul Verlaine.

I want to name and thank all participants of the project: volinist Alexey Vidyakin /Russia, Magnitogorsk/; guitarist Ivan Timoshenko/Russia, Moscow/; children's ensemble by Sariya Malyukova / Russia, Magnitogorsk/; pianist, and translator Lenny Bord /USA/; poet Silviya de Winter /France/; poet Jean-Michel Bartnicki /France/; composer,а singer, guitarist, poet, translator Bernard Pialat /France/; composer, poet, arranger Vladimir Sidorov /Russia, Magnitogorsk /;

singer Kristina Vikhrova/Russia, Magnitogorsk / .

I hope, that our project will serve strengthening of international communications and creative friendship.


Songs :

1. Pour Anne More

/ music by Vladimir Sidorov; lyrics by аJean-Michel Bartnicki /



/ music and lyrics by Bernard Pialat /



/ music by Bernard Pialat; lyrics by Silviya de Winter /


4. Homme au sourire tender

/ music by Vladimir Sidorov; lyrics by Paul Eluard /


5. L'epuisette More

/ music by Bernard Pialat ; lyrics by Jean-Michel Bartnicki /



/ music by Vladimir Sidorov; lyrics by George Larue /



/ Music and lyrics by Vladimir Sidorov; French adaptation by Bernard Pialat /


8. Nouveau jour

/music andа lyrics by Vladimir Sidorov; French adaptation by Bernard Pialat/



/ music by Vladimir Sidorov; lyrics by Paul Verlaine /


10. Musique d'amour

/ music and lyrics by Vladimir Sidorov; French adaptation by Bernard Pialat /


11. Нежность его улыбки(Homme au sourire tendre) in Russian

/ music by Vladimir Sidorov; lyrics by Paul Eluard /


12. New day (Nouveau jour) in English

/ music and lyrics by Vladimir Sidorov; English adaptation byLenny Bord /



Arrangement by Vladimir Sidorov.

Copyright @ Recording studio of Magnitogorsk conservatoire. All right reserved.



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