Kristina Vikhrova. LA LUNE BLANCHE. /2003-2004/. International musical project  

Singer Kristina Vikhrova
Kristina Vikhrova is one of RussiaТs newly emerging musical stars. As a singer, in her final year at the Magnitorgorsk State Conservatory - one of just seven centres for musical excellence in Russia, she is preparing to launch her career on the international stage.

Under the wing of composer Professor Vladimir Sidorov she has developed an extensive repertoire, covering a range of musical genres including classical and Russian folk music, but her real passion lies in her ability to write and sing contemporary music. Her work has a compelling Eastern European texture, which is untainted by the often over manufactured sound of commercial pop.

She has a fresh but wonderfully melancholic voice, which is both impressive and moving. KristinaТs stage presence is complimented by her mystic and natural beauty, which make her live performances visually captivating as well musically distinctive.

Among her most recent work is a tri-part collaboration with French artist Bernard Pialat, and Vladimir Sidorov entitled СLa Lune BlancheТ featuring newly written songs in French, English and Russian.

Kristina was born in Magnitogorsk in 1980, and she has developed a broad experience in the media, entertainment and arts industry, covering a variety of work including composition, drama, modelling and radio production demonstrating her all round versatility.

Solo Albums:
Х СThe Pleasure of LoveТ
Х СYou are meТ

Her theatre performances include:
Х Love of Alex Block
Х Vaudeville
Х Misfortune from the Tender Heart
Х Pokemon in Russia

Through his prolific writing, Vladimir Sidorov remains a constant source of inspiration for Kristina, whose ambitions to perform and delight audiences outside Russia are as yet untapped.

My name is Kristina Vikhrova and I am a professional singer. My voice is the greatest asset in my profession. In addition to my carrier. I love beautiful poetry and I write my own lyrics, verses. My zodiac sign is the Sagittarius, therefore I am the traveler, the experimenter of life. I have songs in French also, and I sing them with great passion. In my childhood I wanted to become an actress and I was fascinated with theater and the movies. I have my share of experience with theater performances here as well. I acted in dramas such as: Monodrama У Love of Alex Block У, Vaudeville У Misfortune from the tender heart У (Music by Vladimir Sidorov). In 2001 I went on a tour around the Urals and took part in a children''s musical play called У Pokemon in Russia У (Script and music by Vladimir Sidorov).

I was born in 1980 in Magnitogorsk, which is in the Southern part of the Ural Mountain-s in Russia. I am declared as the future singing sensation in the Chelyabinks region and Russia, and treated as a celebrity and as a respected performer v with great applause! As I matured, I followed my realized goals: school, college, and now the Magnitogorks state conservatory, where I met composer Vladimir Sidorov. He is multi talented and a very educated professional musician. Thanks to him, he has helped me to reveal my performing abilities in the art of Singing. I have found the composer, and the composer has found the performer, that is the main core of our professional
relationship. I love his music and I perform with him with great pleasure.

Composer Vladimir Sidorov and I already completed two of my solo albums: "The Pleasure of Love" and "You are me". In February 1999, the presentation of my first album was held in the Magnitogorks performance theater as an opening to my future concert tours.

Besides artistic activities, I also conduct programs in the local radio. I assembled a new show called "The talents of Magnitka" and it has been a great success so far. We interview new comers and play a variety of music and other spoken entertainment. As you see I am working to gain more and more experience in the entertainment arts and I am not going to stop until I achieve my goals.

As I already mentioned, I have a great desire to travel, but even more then that is to perform wherever I go. As a bonus: I love variety performances and if you appreciate my voice, contact me and I-ll take your offer to sing your songs in any language.

1. Pour Anne /V.Sidorov-J-M.Bartnicky/
2. UN PETIT AIR /musus&lyrics B. Pialat/
4. Homme au sourire tendre(V.Sidorov-P.Eluard) in French
5. L''''epuisette /B.Pialat-J.M.Bartnicki/
6. AVEC CE SOLEIL /V.Sidorov - D.Larue/
7. TU TТEN VAS/Music and texte original : Vladimir SIDOROV; Adaptation franзaise : Bernard PIALAT
8. Nouveau jour /music$lyrics by V.Sidorov; texte francais B.Pialat/
9. LA LUNE BLANCHE/V.Sidorov-P.Verlaine/
10. Musique dТamour/Music and Texte original : Vladimir SIDOROV; Adaptation franзaise : Bernard PIALAT
11. Homme au sourire tendre (V.Sidorov-P.Eluard) in Russian
12. New day /music&lyrics V.Sidorov; translate in English:L.Bord/


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